But finally, there is a reliable solution with guaranteed results;

Keratin Hair Treatment

What is keratin hair treatment?

This revolutionary hair-straightening process replenishes and conditions your hair without harsh chemicals, giving you smooth, shiny, manageable locks, while protecting your hair from heat and water damage.

Using keratin—a completely natural liquid form of hair—this process penetrates and replenishes hair from the inside and provides a protective coating on the outside. And, the best part is keratin hair treatments can be done on all types of hair—curly, frizzy, damaged, straight, young, old, dull!

So whether you are hoping to lose the frizz or simply enhance your hair’s shine, keratin hair treatment is your answer!

How much does a keratin treatment cost?

Normally, a keratin hair treatment can run you about $350.00 and Up for a 1.5 to 2-hour treatment; however, the Keratin Hair Treatment Center is currently offering an amazing deal!

We are offering new clients a up-to 60% discount on this revolutionary hair process—that’s only $179.00 per session!

In addition, we don’t charge extra for long locks, and we provide FREE consultations!
So, come see us if you’re ready to finally quit wasting money and get the hair you’ve been dreaming of.

Some of our customer reviews

I have been getting Keratin Treatment done on my hair here for past 3 years or so.

I am amazed at their consistent good service which is always on time.

Tony is just awesome at his art and he knows the hair and treats it with care. I feel so much mor e confident now.

Khai S.

This is THE best keratin salon in the DMV area. I have African-American hair and have been getting the Keratin for 14 years.

This is the best salon and result I’ve ever had. I would gladly pay into the $350s for this, but getting a full Keratin (not an express keratin) for $179?! It’s insane.


This was my first keratin treatment. I love my hair after my visit to the Keratin Treatment Center! I had an unruly mess on my head before my visit. I just have a ton of hair.

After my treatment, my hair is frizz free, so smooth and what used to take an hour to straighten takes me about 10 minutes now including the blow dry! Game changer!

Valerie L.

I have tried many salons in the area and this one blew them all out of the water! I was pleasantly surprised with the attention to detail and care that Tony gave to my hair.

From start to finish he listened to what I wanted and exceeded my expectations. I originally do hair cut, but added color and the Brazilian Blowout after consulting with Tony.

The color came out gorgeous and so shiny! Tony did an excellent job with blow drying and straightening my hair as well as the cut! I have very thick, curly hair naturally and my hair feels like SILK after the treatment and straightening.

Overall the salon was clean, the staff very accommodating, the pricing reasonable and the result amazing! Make sure you ask for Tony! If you are very explicit with what you want, they are sure to please!

Krystal P.

Was really nervous when I first decided to go with the Keratin Treatment Center, but I made a GREAT choice! I am in love with my hair!!

Thank you Tony and the staff that helped make my hair as beautiful as it is!!

I sat in the chair, Tony ran his hands through my hair and noticed I colored my hair recently. He said having a few highlights would really make the color pop, so I said sure, why not!

He wasn’t pushy, he just knows what he’s doing and I like that. I felt very comfortable!

As you see in the pics there were definitely a few different people who had their hands in my hair, but Tony was by during each phase to make sure everything was going right.

Lea V.

The drive was long for me and I ended up hitting bad traffic that left me a half hour late for my appt with mustafa. They said no problem just keep coming and we will fit you in. They did! I appreciate a salon and stylist that will work with me when life happens! Mustafa and others worked together to darken up my brassy highlights and do a Brazilian blowout. I’m loving my color and hope the results of my first Brazilian blowout turn out to work for my very frizzy hair! Great prices and great stylists. Will be back!!!


I was given an appointment for the day following my call.

Salon was easy to find with plenty of parking. The Services were very generous and I do plan on booking there when I am next in need.

Love that the focus is on Keratin treatments.

So many options to choose from.


I was really impressed with this place. I knew going in that it wasn’t an upscale salon, some of the reviews seemed to expect that.

Their price for keratin was very, very fair, and I was very happy with the work done.

I had Tony, who was nice and helpful. I’ll definitely be back.

Lorinda W.

Mustafa is the best! I read all the reviews and did my own research on keratin treatment prior. I’ve been going here for the past year. It’s a good distance from me but I don’t care.

Mustafa multi-task and does 3 clients at a given time. With that said, he does not neglect you or forget about you. He has many assistance that will wash your hair, blow dry, etc..He oversee and check all his clients hair and does the cut and finishing touches.

I am very happy with my treatment. He turned my frizzy hair into soft manageable straight hair. What most people tend to forget is, Keratin treatment will not make your hair stick straight. It will make it manageable enough that it cuts your blow drying time by 1/2 the time or more.

I trust Mustafa whole heartedly with my hair. He’s got great eyes for color and cut as well. He’s got many assistants so don’t be alarm. He’s there to check on the work and does last minute touches.

I am very satisfied and will continue my visits with Mustafa. I used to go to Elizabeth Arden, Vidal Sassoon, DNA Lab in Frederick. I dropped them well, not because of the price point, but because of the quality of the work I get from Mustafa and his crew.

My hair will not be totally straight after the treatment but straight enough that I’m not struggling with brushing or blow drying. My treatment lasted about 3-4 months and sometimes longer in the winter months. Sometimes I let it air dry naturally and I can see that the curls are more relaxed than usual.

Prior to getting a keratin treatment 2 years ago, I did some research and contemplated as well.

Try this salon and ask for Mustafa. I highly recommend it.